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Paste without formatting, and/or reformat to plain text
Hello -- can anyone share if there's a shortcut key or another easy way to either (1) paste text unformatted into the quick-reply window or the message editor or (2) highlight text already in an editor window and ask that it be stripped of all formatting?

Edited: Jonathan Z - 19 April 2017 23:38:48
If you're using plain text editor the formatting is automatically stripped. Or, switching from HTML editor to plain text editor will strip formatting.  I'm not aware of a way to do it selectively, leaving some text formatted and others not.
Thanks very much.  Is there a shortcut key to switch fr om html to plaintext editor?  (And I gather quick reply is stuck wh ere it is, or requires a global settings change from html to plaintext.)
The simplest way to switch is the bar at bottom of compose window. There is a drop-down menu to change formatting.
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