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v 7.4.8 question
I see that a v 7.4.16 is available for download and I'm currently running 7.4.8. What's odd is I can't find 7.4.8 or any information about it. Anyone have any guesses why not?
I don't really understand your question, but there is a news article on 7.4.8 on the news page:  
See the what's new page for information on v7.4.16 and for a link to the full revision history:

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I hadn't seen the news page but under the Revision History in What's New it shows 7.4.4 and then jumps to 7.4.16. No 7.4.8 listed. So, my question is why isn't there any information on 7.4.8.

The reason I asked is because I wanted to compare the fixes and enhancements between the two versions. I thought maybe 7.4.16 included the 7.4.8 changes and they just jumped version numbers since 7.14.16 had 7.4.8 changes but I can't confirm that.
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