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Cannot Disable Sound on Mail Check, Yes I read description. Option is missing.
Hi, I want to disable sound beep when mail is checked. I've spent a few days trying to do this but usually move on to something else as the solution is not straight forward. I've consulted the F1 help and online help topic , both reference a non-existent "sound" section.

This is the official screenshot shown in the help page:


This is how it looks for me:


I'm testing the software, and I like it, but I'm not going to buy a program that dings my speakers every few minutes with no way to disable it as the sound option is missing and it does not show in the volume mixer of windows.

Please assist in disabling noise with this mail client. Thank you.
The screenshot that you have posted here only applies to POP3 mail accounts. Sound configuration for IMAP accounts is different.

See the reply in the neighboring topic:
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