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How to get the focus to move to the top email when TheBat opens
When I open TheBat and move to a folder, what determines which email has the focus?  I have this situation in which the focus is always moved initially to a VERY old email (my list is sorted with most recent on top), and I have to scroll-up to see the recent emails.  I've tried moving the focus and then closing TheBat, but when I re-open the focus is still on the same old email.
Another possibility is that the message has a higher priority than the other messages. If so, TB! will go there.
Edited: david kirk - 10 May 2017 19:37:36
Who establishes this priority, and how do I even see it (let alone change it)?
The sender can set priority of the email message not the receiver by default. Of course via a macro/filter this can be changed (i.e. from your boss, or partner).

With the default view the priority is not set. You can modify the view:

Menu: View | Message list columns
 scroll down until you see a check box for 'priority' most likely unchecked
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