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"Delete message from server when it is removed from trash" doesn't work for gmail via POP3
Actually, does it work for anyone? Anyhow?

My settings
for pop3:
  • Connection: Secure to dedicated port (TLS)
  • Port: 995
  • Authentication: OAUTH
for smtp:
  • Connection: Secure to regular port (STARTTLS)
  • Port: 587
I am hoping you get a response. I reported a month or so ago that deleting trash on exit doesn't work for IMAP, either. I have several accounts and I can find no way to do this. Good luck.
I'm not having any problems with 7.4.16 (64bit) and deleting from Gmail. I'm using POP3 and not IMAP.

I don't have my default to empty trash when exiting but manually empty trash daily.  The next time I check for email TB deletes from Gmail (and other accounts) and moves those to Trash on Gmail server.

I changed setting to empty trash when exiting TB and it did delete the trashed messages. Gmail server shows still in inbox until I check mail in TB and then they are moved to Trash on the the server.

To totally remove the deleted messages I have to go to Gmail via web browser and empty trash or let Gmail do it automatically every 30 days.

This has been the way it's worked for me for as long as I can remember.

Is that what you're expecting?
It is what I'm expecting, yes. And it works for non-gmail servers. I don't understand what's wrong, all TB settings look correct.
My Bat version also 7.4.16, 64-bit.
Under Mail Management for the Gmail account do you have "Delete mail from server when it is removed from Trash" checked?

I think by default TB will compress folders on exit. I have unchecked that box under Deletion (Mail Management->Deletion). I wouldn't think that would be a problem but you never know.
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