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Can I link a new installation to PART of the message folder?, The Bat has stopped working and I need to re-install, but it kills my PC
For almost a year now (since Version 7 I think) I could NOT stop The Bat anymore... it would just hang. So after frantically clicking on the window close cross, I would eventually choose to 'Close program'... without the automatic compression it used to do befire.
So I guess something was fishy already.
But now I did a manual 'compress' of all my main inbox folders and ever since The Bat stopped working. When I open it it uses 60% CPU and up to 80% memory, but nothing happens and it doesn't appear in the program list of active programs (Windows 10)

I have uninstalled it, renamed the mail folder file, and re-installed a 'clean' TheBat, latest version.
THAT new install will not start either !

I can NOT reach my latest emails now, since they are deleted from the servers. I DO have the email folders, but not a TheBat backup (.tbk) file.

HELP !!!!
I defer to others on any possibility of recovering emails. My suggestion is to first get TheBat working again. Many uninstalls leave unwanted residue so my approach would be to:
1. Uninstall TheBat
2. Use Regedit to browse registry for any leftover entries for 'TheBat" and remove them.
3. Scan drive for any leftover files or folders and remove them.
4. Reboot PC
5. Install TheBat fresh with a new mail folder. If all goes well, TheBat should start.
6. Do a backup and rename mail folder for possible reuse later. .
7. Close TB and rename old mail folder to the new folder name.
8. Restart TB. It is now attempting to access the old mail within new folder. If it crashes, that indicates the mail folders are likely corrupt. At this point, you may want to restore the backup from step 6 and then selectively copy files or folders from the old mail folder, starting TB each time to see if some of the mail can be retrieved.
Although possibly of little use, I have a small utility at  that may interest you. Good luck in fixing this.
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