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Folder "imgfiles"
When folder 'imgfiles' is cleaned?
I use The Bat to collect posts form email forum. Users adding images in posts which are seen like external links. These images are collect in folder "imgfiles". I do not want to delete this files.
I think individual files are deleted from the imgfiles folder when the associated email message is deleted. I don't think there is anything that cleans the entire folder at once. I may be wrong.
Scott Youngman wrote:
I don't think there is anything that cleans the entire folder at once. I may be wrong.

Well, in 'Folder Properties | General' you can set a maximum age or quantity for messages in that folder, and then have them purged automatically. Or you can purge them through the Maintenance Center, or you could simply sel ect all messages and delete them manually. I guess those actions would also result in files being deleted fr om the attachments and imgfiles folders. I'm not sure either, I've never used these options and I store attachments/images inside the message bodies, not in separate folders.

This setting might be relevant: "Account Properties | Files & Directories | Delete attached files when a message is deleted fr om Trash folder"
As well as settings in Account Properties | Mail Management | Deletion.
Edited: Daniel van Rooijen - 29 July 2017 11:36:21
I can't see  'Folder Properties | General' and  a maximum age or quantity for messages...
Try Folder Properties | Additional...


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I noticed that The Bat deletes contents of folder 'imgfiles' after 5 days despite the fact that 'Schedule Inbox Analyzer' is disabled.
Edited: Bonifacy Kracy - 23 August 2017 19:06:46
The settings in my earlier replies do not depend on the Inbox Analyzer.
But there isn't "Folder Properties | Additional". I use The Bat 7.x and IMAP account.
In that case, unfortunately I have no further suggestions. Hopefully someone else can help you solve this.
I believe Scott Youngman's earlier response to your post is correct. The images to which you refer are part of the message itself, not considered attachments. So, when you delete the message, TB! eventually deletes the associated images. My suggestion is to create a BAT file that runs daily to copy contents of the folder to a separate folder. A more sophisticated approach may exist and others may have better information.
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