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second inbox
May be stupid question, but i'm not familiar in details with Bat. So, I have two inboxes where kinda other is some virtual folder or something like. Tried to delete one which is lowest - was error that it is system folder and can not be deleted. I'm not sure when this second inbox pop up, but I may create some mail filters, which I deleted later. Checked all settings and I don't get it what it is

Q: - how to get rid of that second inbox folder. What kinde of folder it is?

TheBat version 5.4

Edited: Grosfaters Gross - 03 August 2017 12:43:54
With TheBat version 5.4 there might have been such issues, but with the latest version v7.4.16 it is now OK.
does v5.4 licence is compatible with v7.x ?
Grosfaters Gross wrote:
does v5.4 licence is compatible with v7.x ?
No. See
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