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Seeing the URL by Hovering over Links in emails

I have gone all over the program and I cannot find a way to allow viewing of urls by hovering over the link in emails I receive.

If I receive a link in an email how do I see the link.. For example in other programs you can easily hover over the link with your mouse and the url will appear either below the mouse or at the bottom of the screen.  

This is a major security benefit, as this is the first point of call to checking of urls.  Whilst I rarely click links in emails, I do at times depending on what the email is and where it is from.  Today I almost clicked a link thinking it was from a legitimate url and decided to copy and past the link into notepad so I could view it (this is the only way I can view links at present), in the end I found that it didn't look right.

There has to be a way to enable this feature as I cant imagine this not being available.. Maybe the feature is there and I am just not seeing how to enable it.

any helpers ?  
You should be able to see the link when hovering over with the mouse for a couple of seconds. Works for The Bat and/or Voyager

Also you can click on the TEXT tab at the bottom of the message, this will display text only with the remote links displayed. As security habit you can config to display TEXT first instead of HTML.

Use the internal HTML viewer and not OS HTML viewer (default web explorer)
Thanks Arnold,

Its funny but none of what you said above was occurring, I wasn't getting any url when I hovered over the links etc..  

But I found the setting you mentioned for the internal viewer and once I click that it seems to have also solved the hover issue at the same time..
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