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Cannot delete a certain message in IMAP inbox, A message stuck in limbo

I have The Bat! Professional Edition Version 7.4.16 (64-bit), with an IMAP account connected to a Office-365 server.

And here is the problem: I have a number of filters moving incoming messages to various folders. A few weeks ago a certain message that should have been moved by one of those filters, was for some reason left in my inbox. Since then it is stuck there, it cannot be moved or deleted, and when TheBat! starts (and at some other moments) it gets marked as unread. If I look at my inbox in a browser, I do not see this message at all. I tried various folder compacting etc but nothing seems to have any effect on this message.

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried: Account > Dispatch Mail on Server  ?
Sorry but I don't see any 'dispatch mail on server' command in the 'Account' menu. What am I missing?
Sorry - I guess it works only with POP3 accounts. The function is documented here:
With POP3 accounts (which I also have) there are no problems. But with IMAP, there are many, and this one in particular is really annoying.
The Dispatcher is there in POP3 accounts only. To get rid of a stuck message in a folder of the IMAP4 account you would need to clear the local cache of that folder (open the folder properties and click on the "Clear cache now" button).
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