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Can Flags be edited
Quick question for anyone who may reading.........Can Flags be edited?? I can't immediately see that they can but some of the very helpful gurus may know better.

Have a good weekend one and all

Charles O'S :)
Just a suggestion: If you explain what you're wanting to achieve, you may get some possible solutions. Have you considered use of tags?

Nice to see you here from your Courier days!!  Does this mean that you have finally settled on the Bat?

To your question I was hoping to create a flag "completed" so that I can track  the large amount of internet ordering that the family require me to make for them but seem unable to track as to what has or has not been received. I will ask my wife to track the incoming mail and I can then mark the relevant order confirmation.

Having had the day think about it 'colour groups' may prove a realistic alternative which I can create and edit. I will research your 'tags' suggestion and see whether that might an even better option.

Thank you for your suggestion and help.

Kind regards

Charles (O'Sullivan)
Charles O'Sullivan wrote:
I will ask my wife to track the incoming mail and I can then mark the relevant order confirmation.

I keep order confirmations 'Unread' until the corresponding shipment has come in (right-click on the confirmation in the message list and 'mark as Unread'). That way it stands out and reminds me that a package is still due. You can also 'flag' or 'park' a message from its context menu, or from the main Message menu.
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Hi, Charles,
Yes, tags could work for the situation. You could create two: ORDERED and RECEIVED. I use a different approach: I use different folders, as that minimizes the number of entries in primary mail folder.

On your question: I still struggle a bit with TB!. Trash does not empty for IMAP on exit for me, despite being told by Tech Support that it does. And a number of the menu options are vague and not readily understood. However, it does work and has its own strengths. So, I learn as I go.
Daniel, David,

Thank you very much for your replies your suggestions are very good alternatives to my original suggested route and arguably much cleaner.

Kind regards

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