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Flag and Unflag, How to unflag and unpark?
Hello, I am new user and this is my first post in the Forum. I can easily flag and park a message. I can also set a virtual folder to show my flagged an parked messages. I can unflag a message easily and can unpark it, even if clicking the icon or using the commands short-cuts for unparking seams to find a bit of resistance. My problem is that after I unflag or unpark a message and move to another folder, when I come back to the original folder the messages are again flagged or parked in the message list and they never really stop showing in the respective virtual folder for flagged or parked messages. Am I doing something wrong or there is an issue here waiting to be solved? Thanks.
I am also experiencing what you are describing it must must be a bug
I don't use virtual folders for flagged or parked messages but do for some tagged messages. I haven't had problems with the tagged messages in virtual drives like you but I do notice they don't refresh very quickly.

Rather than virtual drives for flagged and parked I use Message List Tabs and have never had the problem you are having.  Have you tried using Message List Tabs?
No. Where is the tutorial for "Message List Tabs"? What's that really?
I am not using flag and park anymore. I am using tags. Even so If I tag a message in inbox and later move it to archive it loses the tga and don't show in the virtual folder for the tag. I neeed to move to archive first and later go to the message in the archive and tad it, for it to show in the virtual folder for that tag.

Message list tabs probably not what I need because I have 4 mail imap accounts and want the virtual folder to show tagged messages in the diffrent accounts and the many folders imap tends to produce.
If the Message List Tabs isn't showing, Click on Workspace -> Message List Tabs -> Show Message List Tabs from the main menu.

You than can create special tabs by right clicking on the Message List Tabs bar at the bottom of the message list and select Create...

I have a Virtual Folder for all my inboxes (5 email accounts) and a number of tabs. Such as, Unread, Reply, Follow, Receipts (tagged) and a number of others. I do have virtual folders for a couple those tabs but more and more just select the virtual folder for all inboxes and then focus based on the tabs.

I also use tagging a lot but again I don't have the problem you are. I can tag a message in the virtual folder and when I do archive the emails the tags follow to the archive folder. I should note too that color groups do not move and aren't kept, only tags.

My archive folders are actual folders and not virtual if that makes a difference.
When I told "archive" was in the IMAP folders in the email servers. I use to archive offline just after the end of the year more 3 months. I have all years until 2016 archived offline/localy and 2017 messages are now archived in the IMAP folders online and they will be archived localy at 1 April 2018. Most of the messages are just deleted, only relevant messages are archived.

And in fact, yes. When I tag a message and then move it to an IMAP archive folder, the message lose the tag.

"My archive folders are actual folders and not virtual if that makes a difference."
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