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HTML msgs - Quoted text, Html Editor blue bar quoted text
Hello All,

When replying to HTML messages, thebat inserts a table where quoted text has a blue blue bar (it's a table cell with blue background).

It's possible to change that background to a different color  but it's tiresome because it has to be done on every replied message.

Don't know how to add a screenshot so I'm posting a link to png image at dropbox: Example image

Is it possible to set a different default color? If not, can Ritlabs change this?


Edited: Goncalo Farias - 22 February 2018 01:16:43
In my older version of The Bat, I can change the quoted color under Options | Preferences | Viewer/Editor | HTML/Windows Editor. Have you tried that?

Personally, I always reply in regular ASCII mode because I dislike HTML 'email'.
I don't have that option... :(
Now that I have upgraded to a newer version, I don't have that option anymore either. I'm sorry, but I can't find where that blue line is configured. I thought it might be in the Reply template but I don't see it there. Hopefully someone else will know the answer.
My suggestion is to use TB!'s feature of alternating text color for quoted content. I'm assuming the intent is to distinguish quoted text from responder's text. And the feature of setting color for odd and even text does an admirable job of that - and leaving the background white ensure the recipient will be able to read the text easily. Good luck,
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