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Auto backup not respecting the stipulated time
According to my backup settings in Preferences, The Bat should be doing an automatic backup every 7 days at 10 p.m., but it seems to be ignoring the time parameter and starting up at 7:30 p.m. (or possibly at random times; I haven't kept close track).

I want backups to happen at a time when I'm unlikely to be reading or writing mail, because backup steals the focus regardless of whether I'm typing or not. Is there a way to force the backup to start at the time given in Preferences? Or will an upgrade to the latest version fix the issue? I'm currently using version 6.8.8 (on Windows 7 Pro) because it does everything I need in every other respect, but I'd be willing to upgrade if that would fix the backup problem.
I have the same problem. This is very annoying, because I use The Bat for my main company email accounts and autobackup ignoring my set parameters disturb my work and starts running backup sometimes 2-3 times a day!
Please help! Maybe I need to erase some files from system catalog?
Are you using version 8.2.8? If not, and if there is a technical reason, I doubt tech support can assist you because their focus is on the current release. Did this backup process ever work for you? My suggestion is to ensure you're on current release and then place a ticket with tech support An alternative is to use one of several free backup vendors that backup specified directories daily. That would free you from relying on TB! for that function. Good luck,
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