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Refreshing time of the bat and redirecting mail., Refreshing time of the bat and redirecting mail.
What is default time of auto-refresh of the bat. Can i change that. I'm asking this because every time i have to click refresh it to get new mail. It is very annoying, especially if i have filter with redirecting mails to my personal mail.
Now, other question is about redirecting mail. I created two filter groups  . Will this work if i have checked 10 more filter groups which only serves for sorting mails from bank, some other clients, ect beside those two ( you can see pictures of it ).

I will put two pictures with settings of redirecting mail. If someone can give me answer if i did it ok.
You might try Account>Properties>Options to set refresh time.
Thanks for the info. I will try that later on.

Can somebody help me with redirecting mail. There must be someone with experience about that.
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