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How to search this forum?, no place to enter search terms?
I'm looking for reviews of antispamsniper, but can't figure out how to search this forum.

I click on "search" and get to a page with a "search" button, but no place to actually enter a search term.  


Was going to upload a screenshot, but can't figure out how to do that either :(
Edited: Christine Baker - 21 October 2017 21:55:07
Same here. See for a short discussion and a workaround.
Edited: Peter Toye - 22 October 2017 14:01:21 (Added last sentence.)
Thanks!   At least it's not on my end :)
It works fine for me. Could it be an addon to your browser causing this? Sometimes using a different browser gets by such issues, but that's no guarantee. Good luck.

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