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The Bat! main window is always on top

I've already reported this issue to tech support but they tell me they have not encountered it.  However, if any of you have maybe can tell me what you may have found.  Whenever TheBat! runs for 10 minutes or so it goes into an "always on top" mode of some kind.  Once this happens I can attempt to drag other windows over its main window but they always go under it.  When I attempt to create a new email even the editing window for that email opens under the main window and I have to drag the main window away to access the editing window.  There has been absolutely nothing I can do to get any window on top of TheBat!'s window once it gets into this mode other than to close TheBat!, then reopen it.  It then works like it should for a short time and then goes back into the "always on top" mode. I'm currently using v7.2.4 of TheBat! because it doesn't go into this mode as quickly as the newer versions, but even it doesn't take long to do it.  I use my computer many hours every day with many different applications of all kinds and I've never ever seen this behavior from any other application, so I have difficulty in believing it isn't an issue with TheBat! itself.

If any of you have experienced this I'd love to have your input, but even if you haven't I'd like to have your debugging suggestions if you have any.  This is totally maddening and if TheBat! weren't otherwise such a great product with such great tech support response I would have to abandon it for something not near as nice, and I've never found anything since Qualcomm's old Eudora 7 that is anywhere near as nice and well suited to my needs.


My system (all software/drivers/firmware is current):
Windows 10 64-bit
Asus P6X58D-E motherboard
1.5TB SSD (on two SSD devices)
3ea. EVGA NVIDIA Geforce GT710 2-head video cards
6 monitors
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I've  never had that happen, myself. When you google for "always on top bug" though, it seems that there are quite a few programs that suffer from similar problems. There may be a relation to working with multiple monitors, and with running other programs that are running on top.

Anyway, for a quick and dirty and hopefully temporary work-around, here's a simple 200kb utility that can toggle the on-top status of your current window by pressing Ctrl-Space:
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That little application solved the problem.  Whenever TheBat! gets into its "always on top" mode, which is quite frequently, I just press Ctrl+Space and it goes back to the normal mode for a while.

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