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Autobackup errors, Unable to run automatic backups
I'm getting these two errors whenever an automated backup runs:

Error writing file C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\TheBat!\Mail\autobackup.tbk

Could not write to file C:\Users\<username>AppData\Roaming\TheBat!\Mail\autobackup.tbk

What's wrong and how do I fix it?

TB! version: 6.8.8 x32 (unable to upgrade, no $$)
OS: Win10 Home x64 w/Fall Creators Update
AV: Windows Defender
I assume that the <username> part in the error message actually showed your own user name, right?

Have you checked for common causes like insufficient disk space or a write-protected file?
Does it make a difference when you run The Bat as Administrator?
If you want to try backing up your mail at a different location, see Options | Preferences | System | Button:Advanced.

The free 'Process Monitor' utility by Sysinternals (Microsoft) can monitor all read/write actions, and maybe it can give you a hint of what is going wrong exactly.
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