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[solved] Templates: adding "cc" to the quoted email

I am trying to change the templates and am struggling a bit with the macros. As I needed a reference, I started making a similar version like the Outlook templates (for me to learn how these macros work as it's easier to understand having an existing template :) ).

Sent: %ODateEn %OTimeLongEn
Subject: %SUBJ


My problem is: if someone sends an e-mail CC, my template only shows the main recipient in "to" but not ALL of the people that were on CC. The only other CC macro I found is not what I wanted, as %CC only adds another recipient to my e-mail.

Is it possible that the "Macros" button doesn't list all the macros? In one of the templates it also had %otolist which I couldn't find anywhere in the menu either (or I am just blind, that button has a lot of macros listed...).

Once again, help is much appreciated. :)

Kind regards,

Edited: Philippe Miguet - 01 December 2017 15:50:39
Never mind. I found the Macro Help page! :)

Need... more... patience.... sorry for that! :)
If this is for your Reply template, there may also be a difference whether you pressed the 'reply' button (which addresses just the sender) or the 'reply to all' button (which also addresses the cc:-ed people).
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Once I found the Macro page, it solved all my worries. %OCCLIST is basically not in the template macro list and I just had to find it on the help-pages. I bookmarked these now and it has all I need on there. :)

But thanks for checking, Daniel! :)
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