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Unknown CA Certificate
My husband is getting this error message in The Bat since he loaded Windows 10.  How can he disable it or accept the certificate?
If you check the account log, you should be able to identify the faulty certificate.

If the mail provider's certificate has expired, they need to renew it. Or (more likely), if the issuer's or root certificate (on your husband's PC) has expired, you should be able to download a new certificate from that organisation's website and import that into the address book (be careful to obtain these certificates only from a trusted source!)

In The Bat's address book (F8) you can access the certificates by turning on 'View | Certificate Address Books'. A new certificate is imported by making a new address book entry and going to its Certificates tab, wh ere you'll find an Import button.

For a previous, longer discussion of this issue (that also offers a temporary work around) see:
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Thank you.  I'll give him this information.
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