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Yahoo POP3 access not working - connection dropped, Yahoo POP3 access not working - connection dropped

I have a huge problem accessing my paid Yahoo Plus account.
Password and Settings are OK, as these settings work with thunderbird

My Logfile shows
[15:34:06]  C: Connected to, port 995
[15:34:06]  S: +OK Hello from jpop-0.1
[15:34:06]  C: CAPA
[15:34:06]  S: +OK CAPA list follows
[15:34:06]  S: IMPLEMENTATION jpop-0.1
[15:34:06]  S: EXPIRE-NEVER
[15:34:06]  S: PIPELINING
[15:34:06]  S: RESP-CODES
[15:34:06]  S: TOP
[15:34:06]  S: UIDL
[15:34:06]  S: USER
[15:34:06]  S: SASL PLAIN XOAUTH2
[15:34:06]  S: .
[15:34:06]  C: USER
[15:34:06]  S: +OK Password required.
[15:34:06]  C: PASS ****************
[15:34:07]  S: +OK Maildrop ready, (JPOP server ready).
[15:34:07]  C: STAT

during retrieving emails, I see in Connection Center
Status: getting number of messages

and after several seconds the connecttion ist dropped. I already checked my adress book for certificates, but I could not find some

How can I debug more detailed what's happening?

Edited: Wolfgang Exler - 03 December 2017 16:41:46
The discussion on this page:

..suggests two possible solutions:

1) You may have to tell Yahoo to allow apps that use less secure sign-in
2) You may have to generate and use an app-specific password.

I don't know if either will help but it might be worth a shot.

If you want to see and log the full POP-login sequence between your PC and the Yahoo mail server, you could run Wireshark in the background while you (try to) pick up your mail.
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