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No backup
I have The Bat set to backup every day at 7:00am.  However, it is not running a backup.  I can do it manually but it is not doing it automatically.  I have it set in "preferences", "system".  Is there something that I am doing wrong?  I am running Windows 10 and version 8.0.14 (64 bit) of The Bat.
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That doesn't work for me either, but I'll share what I do. I use a free account at that allows up to 5 gig storage. I have mine set to run each day and I've used it for 4-5 years with never a problem. I backup the entire TB! mail directory, so I always have a 100% restore capability, either all of it or selected files. Good luck. Question: Are your accounts all IMAP? Mine are and I've had difficulties with some features of TB! not working on those accounts. Just curious...
Thanks, David.  No, all of my accounts are POP mail.  At least that's how I set them up, LOL!  I just had a full computer crash and have spent the last two weeks trying to get everything set up again.  I was using an external HD to backup everything.  I'm getting used to Windows 10 and just thought this was another thing that didn't play nice with Win 10.  I have a program called Folder Clone.  I'll just set it up to back up The Bat.  Could you tell me what folder I should backup for The Bat to make sure I get all my messages, address book, etc.?  Thank you very much for your help.
Hi Ann,
The directory shown in Preferences>System should cover everything. I created my mail folder at the root (e.g., C:\TBmail) so that it will be easier when converting to a new PC sometime in 2018. For what it's worth, I have some backup info at  which has served me well and I've received positive feedback from others. It doesn't save the data, but does save the registry, which is sometimes all that is needed to fix problems and is priceless when doing a full restore. Good luck,
Thanks for the tips and the link.  I set up my Folder Clone to copy the The Bat file in the users/appdata folder. That seems to have all the folders and messages.  Hopefully I won't need it, but it's set up to copy that folder every day.
Is backing up the folder different than using Tools>Backup?
Yes. The Tools>Backup backs up specific components, primarily accounts and messages, but backing up the folder itself backs up your complete mail profile, which is helpful when recovering from a crash or moving to new PC. suggested steps in that are in the utility I described in an earlier post in this thread.
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