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Client window don't appear after welcome screen.
Hi guys,

can you tell me what should I do when The Bat! window don't appear after welcome screen?
thebat64.exe process is active but there is nothing on desktop or taskbar.

I try almost everything - repair, clean install and move MailPwd folder to new installation but I can't fix this.
My pc is fine. All apps works fine. Thunderbird works fine.
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It may help if you share more information. For example, what changes have you made that may affect it? Did TB! work at one time and the next day it didn't? A corrupted registry entry can cause this. Did you delete the registry entry when you reinstalled? A simple uninstall may have left registry entry there. I can't be sure it will work, but my suggestion is to uninstall, remove registry entries and then reinstall. Good luck,
David, I don't made any changes. Work at one time and next day it didn't. TB at the same time works fine.
I try reinstall and clean registry by wise registry cleaner. Shoud I manually remove registry entries? Which one?
I try also Bat older 7 version and x86 version and nothing.

I don't want clean install because I have local foler with mails. I don't want to lose them.

Look -
I try to remove all by revo uninstaller pro and I done clean install. - looks like this.
The registry key I was thinking of is at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RIT, but I will assume that revo uninstaller pro removed that.
Since it worked before, my only remaining suggestion is to do a system restore to an earlier date before the problem began. If that doesn't work, then the indication is something has been added to PC, possibly a bit of malware, but I'm always hesitant to leap to that conclusion. I had a similar experience to yours a few weeks ago and fixing the registry resolved the problem, so I was hoping it would for you as well  If you contact support, they may be able to advise on what would cause the problem you're seeing. Good luck.
There was a big windows upodate few days ago. Maybe this is reason.
My pc is clean I've done full scan.
Well, not being there, my final suggestion is two-fold: file a problem report with support, mentioning the windows update, and also remove TB! completely with that uninstall utility, and do a fresh install with NO mail accounts. The goal here is to get TB! to start as though it was the first time. No settings of any kind. I emphasize that because the problem may be in your mail accounts. My hope is thst support has an easy fix, as an unreliable email client does not foster confidence. Good luck in your pursuits on this.
Look, virtualbox, clean install -
I just upgraded from TB5 to TB8 on my old WinXP(32bit) machine and am seeing the same problem, welcome splash screen then nothing. I also fresh installed TB8(64) on a Win7(64) machine and it runs fine there. I want to migrate all my folders to the newer machine but now that it's not running on XP, I can't export them.

Before I try, will TB5 reinstall over TB8 or will it see a newer version and abort the install?

Exact same problem here!

v8, not trial, licensed version.

No matter how many times I uninstall, even with Revo (9 USD @ BDJ today), no matter how many times I repair, main screen is gone and all I get is a background process.

Just created a ticket.
I am facing the same issue.  TheBat! 8-0-14, both 32 and 64 bits installs, shows few screens but never reach the screen where we place name, e-mail address and password.  It seems that TB remains running in background but doesn't go to pop up its main screen.  

I have uninstalled and installed it several times without any luck.  I even tried to install it to Crossover 17.0 and PlayOnMac but no luck either.  I am using Windows 10 Home with the latest update, both to my desktop and Dell notebook.

I've also created a ticket #76537 on 08/12/2017, got the site automatic reply but no comments from the support team so far.  

All TheBat! previous release to 8-0-14 were perfect and running without issues.

All issues have gone away after the support team recommended to use "/NOLOGO" in the icon of TheBat as a parameter.  Using this parameter I was able to get the mail setup screen and succeeded getting/sending message.  When it had fixed I'd removed "/NOLOGO" from the icon parameter, using properties for that.

Thanks to the support team.
I just performed a clean install of v8.0.18, and this issue still exist!
Why hasn't it been fixed yet?
The issue fixed by adding /NOLOGO parameter in the shortcut. See the screenshot.
A big thank you to Cesar Santos
Yeah, I've used that parameter for as long as I can remember, to disable the splash screen.
In relation to the bug we're discussing here though, this should not be regarded as a "fix", but rather a workaround.
New users, or users that are simply performing a clean install of v8.x (which I did), is left with a non-working program, unless they figure this out.
This bug alone should have warranted a new release a long time ago!
I have the same problem since yesterday, after installing Office365, I don't know if that has anything to do with it but when I click on the short cut I have of The Bat, I see the opening screen for 2 seconds and then it disappears and nothing happens, I have uninstalled and installed and again and again.
I do not have anything like is showing on the screenshot... The Bat is not even showing really. I wrote to support but have not heard back.

I have been using the Bat for the longest time so I am not a beginner.....
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I just performed a clean install of v8.2, only to find out that this bug STILL hasn't been fixed!
Even worse, during the short amount of time that I had this version installed, it froze several times.
*Going back to v7.4.16*
Earlier this week I suddenly had this problem with 64 bit v8.0.14 on Win7-64 so I installed v8.0.18 (had downloaded it a week or 2 ago), still no help. Watching the process in Task Manager it would come up to 27MB memory then sitting overnight it slowly dropped to about 4MB. I finally looked here and found the /NOLOGO workaround, and at the same time added the Start in: path (was blank), now it's working again. Perhaps tomorrow I'll install 8.2.
Please figure out what this problem is and fix it, I like having the splash screen when TB starts and would like to remove /NOLOGO again.
n0ukf wrote:
Please figure out what this problem is and fix it

I doubt if the developers will see your comment (this being a user-to-user forum). But they've probably been unable to find the cause of the problem, or they wouldn't recommend the /Nologo workaround.

Just wondering: When you go to the Properties of the shortcut that you use to launch The Bat, and look at 'Run', does it make a difference when you change the window size to Normal, Minimized or Maximized (from whatever you currently have there)?

I don't see the problem here, but apparently it affects users of a wide variety of systems. I wonder if they still have something in common - for instance, do they all use a certain desktop/monitor management software? Or the same anti-malware? It might help if those affected by the problem compare notes.
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
I haven't touched the Run window size.
"Desktop/monitor management"? I have Comodo Internet Security, Glary Utilities (free, not paid upgrade), Malware Hunter (free), Malwarebytes (free), all installed long before the problem started.
I doubt if the developers will see your comment (this being a user-to-user forum).
Of course the developers are watching the forum, they just choose not to care about it.

btw; the bug still exist in v8.2.4.
There's no point in reporting it anymore, because judging from my past experiences with Ritlabs, years can go by before anything is done about it!
The /NOLOGO solution is great.  I wish I'd have found this posting before I wasted an entire day uninstalling, reinstalling, crying, and trying everything I could think of to get v8.2.4 64-bit to work properly again!
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When I add the /NOLOGO I get a message that there is a problem with the shortcut and that the name specified in the target box is not valid
How did you guys overcome this error (if you faced the same at all)?
Eran Blecher wrote:
When I add the  /NOLOGO  I get a message that there is a problem with the shortcut and that the name specified in the target box is not valid
How did you guys overcome this error (if you faced the same at all)?
There should be a space before /nologo. For example: "D:\software\the_bat\thebat32.exe /nologo"
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
There should be a space before /nologo. For example: "D:\software\the_bat\thebat32.exe /nologo"
You're just adding to the confusion, by putting the quotation mark in the wrong place.
For the install path that you used as an example, this would be the proper way of doing it:
"D:\software\the_bat\thebat32.exe" /nologo
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