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Many TB forum links are broken
Many (or perhaps all) forum links have been broken for the past two weeks or more. For example, try this one:

Also, the "Last Post" column of the topical forums has changed: any posts older than roughly October 27, 2017 have been redated October 27, and the poster's name has been replaced with "Monday12 Monday12."
If you look carefully, there is a range of posts where a spammer named monday12monday12 posted junk. Posts older than that range are fine, as is the link you shared that is supposedly broken. And the posts where the spammer posted still have their valid content, followed by the spammer. Ideally, the forum will soon have the ability to resist such attacks.
The links do not generate a 404 error, so they are not "broken" in that sense. But when I click on, for example, the result is the top-level forum page; that URL is shown in the browser address box but the page displayed is actually the content of   I'm using Chrome browser in Windows 7.
Links are working again. Thanks to whoever fixed the problem.
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