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The bat and pictures, important., Read above
It seems that The bat is not that good after all. Every time i ask something i dont get the answer. Its great when you get the money but its very annoying for me when i got problems like this.

This time is about picture in signature.

How can i insert picture  to be seen like in any other program. To be fully seen, so i dont need it do download, to see it .
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Pictures can only be shown in HTML-type messages. So, you have to write a message in HTML format. In the message editor, use Options | Format to choose one of the HTML formats.

If you want the picture to show immediately, without having to download, it must be included with the message. In the message editor, use Utilities | Insert | Insert an Image.
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Your question is a bit confusing. I'm not sure if your concern is on signatures or photos in general. That is, putting a photo in your signature is not the same as not having to download images in inbox.  Anyhoo, here is some info of possible use:

To put a photo in your signature, just go to Account>Properties>Templates>New Templates. That window has a tool bar and on right side you will see >> and placing mouse over it, the text 'more buttons' appears. (If you don't see the >>, open the window a bit wider.) Click and a drop-down menu appears and one entry is 'Insert image'. Click that and you can then insert photo. Tips:
a. Have cursor positioned in template where you want photo inserted FIRST.
b. Photo needs to be sized prior to doing this so that it fits properly in signature area
c. Photo will only appear in outgoing emails when you write in HTML or HTML/text mode.

I don't know situations where you must download images, so it may help to explain that. With HTML viewer, they're immediately visible. If images are on sender's server, TB! asks that you decide whether to download or not.

I do hope you find this useful. Daniel's response may have been what you sought, but now you at least have info for creating photos in messages and also in your signature. Good luck.
Just to explain something. I want picture to be seen in mail without clicking on it to see what is it.

I know how to insert and it shows as a file ( on the left, right or any other  side )  but, i have to click on that file to see it. I dont want that.

Thank you for the both answers.
I would help, but it's not clear what your situation is. Are you using HTML editor for viewing messages? Are the photos attached or embedded? Are you clicking the link to allow TB! to show photos?

Since HTML-embedded photos show automatically when using HTML editor, I infer you are referring to server resident photos. Go to Preferences>Visual Editor>HTML Viewer and do ONE of the following:

1. Select to use the Windows HTML viewer. This automatically shows all images. This is a security issue as companies (and malware) do this as when the photo is retried, your IP address is given to them. That's why TB! defaults to using its safer HTML viewer.

2. OR... Continue to use TB! HTML viewer and set "download embedded images' to 'Always'.  That effectively neuters the safety feature, but it does open all photos without clicking.  

If that isn't the issue, then maybe you could post an image of a sample email?  Good luck.
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