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2nd account tree, possible?, monitor different clients' emails in separate displays
I have my own accounts in one tree. Now a client would like to me to manage their email accounts in TB!. 200 accounts, so I would like a separate display for this client. Is this possible?

Thank you.
Not sure of the issue, but you could create three virtual folders (inbox, sent, trash)  for the 200 accounts and they would be viewed separately from your email.
There's an interesting, barely documented command line option "/reg:" that allows you to run The Bat with completely different settings, including, apparently, a different mail folder. I haven't ever tried this, but if true, you could simply run another instance of The Bat with only your client's accounts in them.

From the Help:

Using the /reg:<name> command you can launch The Bat! from different registry key (the name of the key consists of The Bat!+<name>). For example, if you launch The Bat! using the /reg:test parameter, the key The Bat!test will be created in the Registry, and you will be able to set up The Bat! anew.

See also this (old!) forum message: Running an archive of messages and attachments fully off a DVD or memory stick install of TB! ? -- in particular this part:

theBat has an undocumented /Reg: switch - using it, you can start the program with different settings - in your case a different mail folder

Normally theBat uses registry settings from
If you start it like
thebat.exe /Reg:archive
(it's easy to create a shortcut for this)
then it will use the settings from
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RIT\The Bat!archive

I hope this helps.. it sure seems to open a whole lot of possibilities!
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Thank you David & Daniel for the replies. I have no experience with the virtual folders feature or certainly the /reg approach. I will need to do a lot of studying to get Daniel's suggestion working, but if I can get it right, that may work.
Daniel's idea is great if you want total separation. You will need to register the second version, of course, and set all options because it's all new. And easy to set up (I just tried it) - info on virtual folders is at    good luck,
Thank you David for endorsing Daniel's idea. I do want total separation. I opened a support ticket referencing this post asking for more information and detailed "how to".

I appreciate your attention to my question.
To run a separate The Bat! instance (mail database and registry settings) simply create a new shortcut to run the program, then open the shortcut's properties, switch to the tab "Shortcut" and in the field for "Target:" add the /reg:something command line parameter separated by a space, so that it looks like this:

"C:\Program Files\The Bat!\thebat64.exe" /reg:something

Start The Bat! using that shortcut and you will be prompted to set up - select the location of the separate mail data folder, create new accounts or restore from backup.

Remember you can access the respective database only via the shortcut with the defined parameter. You can create an unlimited number of such shortcuts and run them simultaneously.
This works. With that second shortcut on my desktop, I am able to run a unique set up for this client.

Thank you Daniel, David & Alexander Petrari.
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