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Request: collaborative Gmail guide, There is e-mail and then there is Gmail. But everyone is using it
Read first: I know Gmail is the real culprit here, but it is super popular and there are other clients supporting it quite nicely (e.g. @mailbird), so why not the Bat. I also know it is never going to be perfect, but lets make it as good as possible.

Hi, this is more of a request to the more experienced user. I have been using the The Bat! 4.2.16 Christmas Edition (nostalgia) until version 6 but then switched to cloud experience. However, my email needs grew substantially in the recent years and thus with half a dozen of accounts to look after, I am looking for solution. For the sake of me as well as many Gmail users, let's chip in with your Gmail best-practices advice. Lets make a Gmail tutorial together!
PS> I tried TheBat half a year ago first but right after adding first Gmail account it immediately crashed. I did not bother to investigate and moved on to greener pastures, but as old love never rusts, came back again.

Adding the account
Two factor identification does not always work when adding the Gmail account. It asked me to confirm on mobile phone, but after confirmation nothing happened. I had to use other method (I guess SMS but I forgot) that eventually worked.

IMAP settings
This is super confusing and not everyone has the same experience. I customized IMAP in the following way but I am still very unsure if it is working as desired. Here is my current, but not entirely functional setup:
I have also discovered, that when you switch laguage of your Gmail, the names of the folders in IMAP also do change (how stupid is that!).My other account is setup like this:
This way I don't have [Gmail] folder in my folders list.

Threaded view
Honestly, this is the one I cannot make work. I struggle to make threaded view keep emails and replies in one thread. Have to use
"open reply" function but even that often fails to find the correct reply. Any help here is much appreciated. How is your View threads by set up?

G Suite
Good news, when adding G Suite account ( TheBat picked up in the process that it is a Gmail account. However, in spite of the above mentioned IMAP settings working more-less for standard Gmail account, when using G Suite email address, I get this ugly IMAP folders which I don't have in Gmail accounts:
Is there a way around it?

Additional tricks and comments
Do you have any other Gmail tricks that make your experience in The Bat better?

Thanks to everyone who will participate!
True, TB! struggles with Gmail, but Gmail wrote its own rules, using labels instead of folders and being able to apply multiple labels to s single message and I can't fault TB! for that. If Gmail is primary for you, I suggest your investigating Postbox or Thunderbird, which both do well with major features, but you lose TB!'s major features in the process.. As far as folder settings, I found that leaving them unchecked works well for me. That is, TB! uses the system Trash folder properly. I assume you are using version 8.6, as I have found no problems whatever with Gmail and TB!, other than the known Gmail idiosyncrasies. Good luck.

p.s. To me, the language change for folder names sounds appropriate, but maybe I'm misunderstanding.
Hi David,

are you able to properly "thread" messages in your inbox in a way Gmail threads conversation?


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