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Yahoo mail configuration
Hi, I'm just testing out The Bat. I've successfully set up my gmail account, but I can't seem to select OAUTH as the authentication method for Yahoo mail. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing?
Probably not helpful to you if you're using IMAP, but I have Secure to Dedicated Port TLS and port 465 for SMTP and 995 for Receiving. Authentication is set to Regular. I'm set up as POP3.
Yahoo config which works for me:

Incoming / Connection type: "Secure to dedicated port (TLS)" / Port 993

Outgoing: / Connection type: "Secure to dedicated port (TLS)" / Port 465
Checked yes "My smtp server requires authorization for sending."

If you are doing a lot of shot in the dark testing, close out The Bat in between attempts, clear cache. This may help.
Thanks, but no luck. I can get it to work in Thunderbird if I select OAuth, but the option isn't available in The Bat! so I guess I can't use this app. :'(
Huh. Just got a message from google that they are removing access for the Bat! because the Bat! hasn't met the security requirements announced last year. :S
A B wrote:
Huh. Just got a message

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I am not able to login directly only through
What about

namely last part saying:

Give temporary access to outdated third-party apps

While you switch apps or update your app, you can give the old app temporary access. Just remember, this is not intended for permanent access and you'll want to turn it off afterwards. You'll get regular alerts reminding you to turn it off after you've enabled this.

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Mail.
  2. Go to your "Account security" settings.
  3. Turn on Allow apps that use less secure sign in.
I went to Yahoo > Account Security > Manage App Passwords.

I added a "other app", called it The Bat, and yahoo generated a special password for me to put in the password field in the account settings in The Bat. (i.e., instead of putting my old Yahoo password, I added this new password that was generated in my password field in the Yahoo account in The Bat.)
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