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Spam filter for men, . . . . as in the domain "dot men"
Received this morning. I do not know how to set up a domain-wide filter for these types of Return Paths. In this case, the domain "men".


Generally I use > Header field > Return-Path > "matches any of" > faith|stream|buy|online|shopping|

(new users: the last entry there separated with the pipe key (double vertical dashes, the uppercase of the \ key on my US English keyboard)

Adding "men" to the pipe list would eliminate desired email from friends like Bill Menthol.

Thank you.
Can anyone offer advice how to filter out entire domain extensions? I'd like to eliminate all mail from the .my or .men extensions, for example.
Just yesterday, I set up blacklist rules in my Anti-SpamSniper for TheBat! to block *@*.world and *@*.fun websites. One slipped through today, but considering I have been getting at least ten a day, it might be working. I don't know what spam blocker you are using, but you might try  *@*.men format.
Thank you Melina Kaczor but I am looking to use The Bat's native filtering to eliminate an entire set of domains, like .men, .my, .tw, etc. Anyone else?
Does the filter option 'contains any of' do this for you?
Hi and thanks david kirk, but that would eliminate as well as the emails if I understand it correctly.
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