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Option to warn when I fail to attach?
Does TB have an option to warn me when I send a message containing the word "attach" but I haven't attached anything? This is a common feature in email clients these days, and very useful, but I can't find it in TB options.

If it doesn't exist, I'd support making it a high priority. Of course the list of key strings would have to be customizable, since it depends on both the language and the individual.

I think it's an interesting and useful idea, and I'd suggest that you submit it to the developers as a feature request (use 'Support' in the menu above).

A nice addition might be a list of file type extensions that you want to be able to send as attachments, for instance "*.pdf *.jpg", so the program will warn you when you mistakenly attach an original .docx, .xlsx or .crw file.
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