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How can I configure an IMAP account with Comcast on The Bat!?
I am deleting my long query, as I solved the problem.

The settings that worked for me were:

Secure to Dedicated Port (TLS)
Port 993
Authentication: Regular

Secure to Regular Port (STARTTLS)
Port 587
Authentication: CHECK Perform SMTP Authentication (RFC 2554)
Select radio button: Same user/password as for Mail Retrieval
Leave UNchecked: Require secure authentication
Leave UNchecked:Use "POP before SMTP" authentication

N.B. I used my full e-mail address, i.e., "" in the User field under Receive Mail. I then tried just entering the username, and that worked, too.
Edited: chileverde - 03 April 2019 08:53:27 (Problem solved)
Are you using a current version of The Bat? Some major improvements have been made to the authentication methods over the course of version 8.

If not, and you don't want to upgrade, you could try going to Options | S/Mime+TLS and choose Microsoft CryptoAPI and see if that makes a difference (but I doubt that it will).
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Daniel, Thanks for your reply, which I did not see before I modified my post. I am using the current version, and I was able to finally set up the account to send and receive.

For Daniel or anyone else, I now have these questions, as I have not used IMAP before:

(1) If I add folders under this IMAP account in The Bat!, will they automatically appear on my SmartPhone, where I will also use this e-mail account as an IMAP account?

(2) There will be some messages which I will want to save in The Bat! on my computer, but not on my phone. If I move them in The Bat! from the Inbox to a folder under Local Folders (i.e., a folder not associated with the IMAP account), will they be deleted on my phone automatically? Or would it be be better to COPY them from the Inbox to the folder under Local Folders and then delete them in the Inbox (or older folder associated with the IMAP account)?
The beauty of IMAP is you can view and reply to emails from PC, smartphone, tablet, or web. If phone is set up for imap, you will have full access. Yes, if you move a message to local folder, it will no longer be viewable on IMAP account.

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