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Imap email client without local save file?
I have a question.

I have several IMAP accounts, for example, Gmail, Fastmail and Microsoft mail.

I can use webmail to check these accounts -, and That works great, there is server-side searches, and there is NO NEED to save any emails locally on the computer, and therefore no disk space requirements.

I set up The Bat! to fetch emails from gmail, fastmail and office. Easy to do. Easier than to log in to three websites.

But is there a way to set up The Bat! so that it doesn't save any messages locally to the computer? For example, when I click on Inbox, it would just download the headers, just like Webmail. When I click on that message, it would download the email, just like Webmail. And when I exit The Bat! everything is deleted, just like Webmail?

Or if not possible, how about getting the bat! to just save headers locally, not attachments, even after they are viewed?

The aim here is to keep The Bat's mail directory to be very small in size. I don't mind downloading headers everytime, that's what Webmail is anyway.
Does Account>Properties>MailManagement>IMAP Finetune do what you want? Or Account>IMAP Commands>Manage IMAP Folders?  

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Not really. Lets assume I email you a file. Lets say it's a 10MB photo.

It goes to your Inbox. You say that's nice, I'll download the attachment / body in The Bat!
You want to keep this photo, so you move it to a folder called "Photos" - This is an IMAP folder on the server.
Because you have downloaded this attachment, The Bat! stores this attachment to the "Mail Directory" on your hard drive.
I want to delete this 10MB attachment off my hard drive - but still want to keep the message on the server, in the IMAP folder "Photos", just in case I want to view this photo again later.

Under IMAP-specific there are options like "Clear message cache" , "Compact" and "Delete old messages"

"Clear message cache" - is not documented on the "Help" Screen - I am guessing this might be the one? Documentation is not clear.
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