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putting mail boxes on my NAS, mailboxes moved to NAS
i have latest pro ver of TheBat! .  

would like to put my mailboxes onto my local NAS so i can access email on any machine at home.

is this doable? any gotcha's to look out for if doing this?
Well, Options | Preferences | System | Mail Directory specifies the location of your mail. But The Bat is not a multi-user application, and I'd be very careful not to open the same messagebase with more than one instance of The Bat at the same time (or you might ruin some indexes and damage the database).
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As above poster said, this is easily do-able.

Just set the Mail Directory as a network drive (mapped drive letter), or just a network location "\\NAS\Directory" for example

The warnings about not-a-multi-user application applies, I suppose, but I do not know what will happen. It may be OK, it may be fine 99% of the time, but there's that 1% chance no one knows.
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