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Configuring TheBat! to use GPG, Do I need to copy the keys into TheBat!?
Hello everyone,

so I just began to try out The Bat! It already crashed several times on me during setup and initial configuration, so that is not a good start as it does not appear to be stable (at least during the setup process), but I have not given up yet.

I have good knowledge on how PGP/GPG works and have been using it successfully with Claws Email for quite some time (meaning that I need no basic introduction to PGP and its concepts). My question is whether/how I can motivate TheBat! to use the keys of the installed GPG (like Claws does nicely).

When I choose Options -> OpenPGP -> OpenPGP Key Manager, I get a popup "The external key manager application for GnuPG is not specified. Please specify the path to the .EXE file of the Key Manager in the preferences dialogue."

This message is not really comprehensible as it does not tell you exactly what the "Preferences dialogue" is. Assuming it is the "Preferences..." entry in the Options menu, it is not clear where I could possibly enter the path there. Messages like this are a sign of poor software layout. :(

Still I have my hopes up that once I get to know TheBat! better and overcome the initial obstacles, it might convince me, as I am looking for a lean and quick email program. Claws turned out to be slow and clumsy, at least in its Windows incarnation. So how can I make The Bat! use my installed GPG4win 3.1.9? Or do I need to export all the keys from there and import them into the integrated OpenPGP key manager of TheBat!, essentially creating a copy of my keys on my own computer that is not synchronized with any changes I make in GPG?

Please note that a PGP key server is no option for me, as I do not want to upload my keys to any server. I only want to use them to communicate with recipients whom I have given my public keys up front.
How did it go Privateer, is your version of Gpg4Win .3.1.9 working okay now with the Bat 8.8.9 ?
I'm a long term user of Gpg4Win and have just returned to The Bat Home, so willing to help if you're still having problems.
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