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Restore messages from EBB files?, Windows crashed, manually restored accounts but cannot import messages from existing folders with EBB/EBN files
My WIndows crashed,  and I lost my account and settings on C drive. No backup :(  However all messages  (EBB and EBN files) were in The Bat! main directory on D drive (in subdirectories named like  6A8D25EE.D33) and survived, Now after reinstalling The Bat! and recreating my account I'm trying to restore messages. However The Bat! doesn't see messages in these directories despite I created folders with the same names. I also tried Restore function but it doesn't recognize EBB and EBN extensions. How to restore my mail? Thank you in advance.
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Maybe this old thread can help you:

When you re-installed The Bat, did you enable encryption and use the same password as before? I think both are required if you want to restore your messages.

There have been more discussions about this subject in the past.. just google for "EBB" to find them.
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Thank you for your reply. I experimented a little according reference you've provided:

1. Created new account in a new directory (on-the-fly encryption turned on).
2. Read some mail.
3. Uninstalled The Bat! with complete account removal (encrypted data folders left intact).
4. Reinstalled The Bat! with the same account name, same data folders, and the same password for on-the-fly encryption.

Still don't see old data. :(
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