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Wrong character set in message list
I'm considering returning to The Bat, but I couldn't get past a message list character set problem. This doesn't happen in Outlook or Thunderbird. I'm not sure if it's because of my mail server (I use Protonmail's Bridge).

Turkish characters turn into weird characters in message list, however same characters are fine in some places (maybe because the font is different). : In first message, sender and receipent has weird characters. : In title there are still weird characters but in "From" and "To" they look fine.

Changing message list font doesn't work. In the change font dialog, there is a language option but even if I select "Turkish" nothing changes.

Does anybody know how to correct this issue?
Edited: Zeynel Öztürk - 07 August 2019 16:37:48
I have no solution, but suggest you investigate options>preferences>other options>character sets and check the Turkish entries. Beyound that, I suggest contacting Tech Support. Good luck.

davi d
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