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Missing Views, I see I have emails, but they do not load
Please see attached..  Why is the Bat not showing some email content?

The Bat is slowly driving me crazy!

BR Thomas
Hello, Thomas,
I periodically encounter this, messages not showing - temporarily. They eventually do, but sometimes very slowly. I've had some relief (at least it seems so.. by going to IMAP-fine-tune and increasing connections from 1 to 4   I've also achieved some relief by having key folders download content to PC to alleviate this annoyance on subsequent views. Good luck,
Right above that folder is a virtual folder with 25,000 emails, and the folder giving you trouble looks like it is a sub-folder (mailbox).  From my experience, I keep virtuals down around a hundred or two.  I think on a reboot there is a long time-frame to show the virtuals if you have a lot (I understand there might be a method to bring them over from the last session, but it did not do much for me.).  

Often I use the age parameter with virtuals.  If the folder that is giving you trouble is a subfolder, there could be some relationship, with memory limitations.

I also keep my virtual areas (one for biz, one for personal) separate from my regular downloaded mail. It is very good that you can see the actual physical folder column of the virtual mail, and I even made a special view with that folder column on the left.  (Multiple views is a nice TheBat! plus.) And I use that visibility of physical folders for helping me park the mail in one physical box and making sure the filters to that box are efficient.

Hope that is comprehensible.

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