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Backup via Scheduler cannot be stopped, misconfigured scheduled task
I recently moved my TB fr om one pc to a new pc and restored my tbk file. Everything worked fine except my regular backups via Tools/Scheduler did not work as the destination address had changed.  Initially I tried to just amend the destination address but had some issues, then I decided to just delete the old schedules and start fresh. Unfortunately I set up a schedule and misconfigured this. I am not sure but I think I misread the box wh ere you specify what to do after the schedule runs and whatever I entered there creates an immediate new backup.
I need to know how to stop this as every time I cancel the task, the next backup starts immediately preventing me from accessing tools and fixing it there.

How can I open TB and not have the aborted backups start immediately preventing me from using TB?
This is old annoying "feature" when internal backup works you can't work with program.
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George, yes, I noticed this in the past but can live with that.  Annoying but no deal breaker but right now I cannot get this backup to end at all - the program is unusable.  The moment I boot up, that aborted backup starts and once it finishes the next one starts. There is no chance to open tools to disable anything.  I hope there is a way to get this to stop.
Have you tried this? Exit The Bat, rename EVENTS.CFG to EVENTS-CFG.OLD, restart The Bat.  The events.cfg file should be in your mail folder. If it works, all scheduled tasks will be gone.
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Thanks Daniel,  I rebooted my system again and disconnected internet and was able to start TB without the backups starting immediately. I deleted the scheduled tasks normally via tools/backup and now things are back to normal.
I also deleted all the backup files tbk and tbn (?) , basically did not want to rely on any of what happened yesterday.
Not sure if anything I did made a difference or if I was just lucky.

One thing I am curious about though is why does the scheduled task not appear in task scheduler in windows? I had looked there before thinking I should be able to delete or disable the tasks there but could not see anything.
The Bat uses its own scheduler, it is separate from the one in Windows. Glad you managed to solve it though!
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
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