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large IMAP account but low HDD space

is it possibble to setup TheBat to not to sync all messages from a big IMAP account?
In my case I have a gsuite account with 17GB of emails on it but on my PC has only 5GB space left.
How to setup The Bat to sync only the last 6 months for example?

thank you

Just do some archive folder on your imap account, copy to that folder all old and don't need it now letters. Don't download this folder to your TBat using own settings of imap folder ("headers only" for example).
You can Connect to or Disconnect from the server in IMAP accounts, if needed. These commands are available under Account -> IMAP Commands.

To create, delete and rename IMAP folders, access the Account -> IMAP Commands -> Manage IMAP folders menu. Select a folder and rename or delete it using the respective buttons. Here you can subscribe to the folders on the server or cancel the subscription if you select or deselect them in the Subscription column. To see the subscribed folders, go to the Subscribed only tab. If you do not subscribe certain folders, they will not be displayed in the program.
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