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The Bat! Freezing
I have just upgraded to the latest Windows 64-bit version of The Bat!. Upon clicking close, The Bat! freezes and eventually I have to use Task Manager to close it. Note: when I upgraded, I simply installed over the previous version (6.8).

Can anyone shed some light on this please?

Update: after opening and closing The Bat! several times (4 or 5), it seems to have fixed itself. Still no idea why it happened at all.
Edited: Justin Credible - 02 June 2020 00:51:55
I'd start by trying the /nologo commandline parameter:

- Right-click on your The Bat desktop shortcut (the one you launch The Bat with) and choose properties.
- The commandline that executes The Bat is shown as 'target'. Append " /nologo" (without the quotes, but with the leading space) to this line.
- It should now read somewhat like this: "C:\Program Files\The Bat!\thebat64.exe" /nologo
- Press OK to save the edited shortcut.
- Now double-click on your shortcut to launch The Bat and see if it behaves better.

If that doesn't work, see these topics for many more suggestions:

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Well, at the moment it seems to have fixed itself. However, I've taken your suggestion and added /nologo. We'll see how things go :) And thank you again, Daniel.
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