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Cannot Use Restore or Synchronize to Transfer Data to New Installation
I just bought the latest version of the BAT for my new laptop and I cannot transfer the settings, address book and accounts from my old laptop which has version 8.2.4. I tried to use Restore and the Maintenance Center of the new version of the BAT stops responding. Then I tried to use Synchronise and the old version of the BAT never receives a signal.
My suggestion is to ignore the TB! restore feature. Instead, copy your mail directory from old PC and copy to new PC in same location. Also, use my utility at  to extract the registry entry and copy also to new PC and add to registry. When starting TB!, it offers the option to point to mail directory and, from my experience, that does it all. Good luck.

Another thought: If possible, install the new TB! on old computer first, in case there are any incompatibilities between the two.

Edited: david kirk - 11 June 2020 21:33:30
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