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Error "Message from [address], subject "[whatever]", is not properly addressed."
Hi, The Bat v7.4.16 on Windows 10. SMTP server is and my phone (for example) is sending no problem using K-9 Mail.

Yesterday The Bat! suddenly decided it needed to download (POP3) all 49000 messages on the server. Don't know why, nothing changed. I fixed that by invoking the Despatcher, letting it download Jun 11 and later, and marking all the others read (again using the Despatcher).

Now when I try to send an email (by SMTP), either a reply or a new message, I get a popup "Message from [address], subject "[whatever]", is not properly addressed."

Is there something I can do? Known problem?

Andrew Webber wrote:
Known problem?

I googled "is not properly addressed" for you and this came up. Does it help?
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I'm not sure what happened to my reply posted earlier, but thank you that did fix it. 62992 files deleted, then another bunch for some reason. Now it's running faster on downloads and working on uploads.

Is this problem fixed (perhaps cleaning out Temp) in a later release? Not sure how much this is worth if it's the only "feature" I'd be upgrading for, but I'd look closer at v8 or v9 if it included this.

Edited: Andrew Webber - 14 June 2020 10:16:43
I don't know if it has ever been addressed. It seems pretty rare though and I wouldn't expect the problem to return. But if it does, please report it to the developers using Support in the menu above.
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
The bat has been doing this for years..  I have 10 users and about every 3 days or so somebody in the office screams "The Bat is doing it again..  shit".  It is a well know problem and Ritlabs have suggested rebuilding the email account by copying all emails into a new account within The Bat, but this takes a long long time to do and the problem comes back sooner or later..  

Please post a support request so that they are aware that there are more than one complaint about it.  Maybe they will then have a look.

Be happy it does not download and store all emails twice !!
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