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Virtual Folders not appearing in Folder Tree anymore
I have, for now uninstalled 9.1 and dropped back to 8.8.9 but now none of my virtual folders are visible in the folder tree. They exist because if I go into Workspace - Folder Tabs - Configure Tabs they are all there and ticked.        

I haven't managed to find out how to make them visible in the Folder Tree again ( they used to be all the time) so would be very grateful for any help/advice.


First, backup your TB install.
Untick the folders, close TB. Open TB, tick the folders, close TB and then open TB. Similar strangeness occurs in Windows and that is how I would deal with it.
Good luck.

Thank you. Have tried exactly what you suggest plus an uninstall shut down/restart PC and then reinstall the Bat didn't seem to make any difference but happy to try it again. Frustrating!

This probably won't work but it might be worth a try.

When a regular folder (not virtual) has gone missing, you can move your cursor to the Accounts panel and press Ctrl-Shift-Alt-L, and The Bat will recover it. It does so simply by checking the folder structure of your mail folder. It seems unlikely that this would also work with virtual folders, but why not give it a try?
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Thank you I will and if that fails as you feel it might I will re-create the Virtual folders from scratch again.

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