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How to stop automatically adding secondary addresses, TB always sends BCC to recipients with multiple emails. After I manually fix the address book, the problem returns in backups
Update: TB v9.2.2, released yesterday, solves this problem.  It's no longer an issue.

A few months ago, TB started sending BCC's to my recipients' secondary email addresses.  I've been using The Bat for 17 years and never had a problem like this.  I have 600 contacts in my address book.  I went through all that had multiple emails and manually changed them to "Don't add", which seemed to solve the problem for a while, until I needed to restore TB to install it on a different computer.  After all the work I went through manually fixing my address book, I was very frustrated to see that the problem was back in the restored address book.

I've discovered since then that no matter how I export the address book or back up TB, the problem always returns.  Even though I manually changed "automatically add secondary addresses" from BCC to Don't add before doing the backup or export, after restoring the backup or importing the address book, it's always set back to BCC.

Is there a way I can either
1) automatically change "add secondary addresses" from BCC to "Don't add" for all 600 contacts without doing it manually again?
2) prevent the problem from being inherited in my backups and/or exports?

It happens with both The Bat Professional and with Voyager.  

I'm using The Bat v8.8.9.  Would paying to upgrade to the current version solve the problem?

I'm transitioning from a Win 10 Pro PC to a Win 10 Pro VMWare virtual machine installed on OpenSUSE 15.1.  After 17 years with The Bat, I don't really want to switch, but this problem is making Thunderbird tempting.
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TB V9.2.2. just released yesterday, solves the problem.  I can restore address books in which I've changed "automatically add secondary addresses" from BCC to "Don't add" and The Bat now works correctly.  When I reply to a contact with multiple email addresses, it only sends my reply to their primary address (unless I explicitly say to send a copy to another address).
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