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Hang when receiving mail messages afer resuming from sleep
Sometimes TB! hangs after I wake up the computer from sleep mode when TB! is already active. The status bar says 'Receiving mail messages' but then nothing happens. I have to close TB! and start it again.

21/07/2020, 16:16:17: FETCH - receiving mail messages
21/07/2020, 17:38:54: FETCH - receiving mail messages
The event log above shows what happens. I restarted the machine at about 16:16 and left it. At 17:38 nothing had happened so I close TB! and restarted it, after which it all worked fine.

This is a new phenomenon, and has only happened since I upgraded my SSD's firmware to the latest version. Since then the restart has been much faster. Before, when I restarted, TB! would say "Unable to connect to server". I don't have a log from that period so can't show it.

Has anyone else seen this, or shall I report it as a bug?
>> shall I report it as a bug?
Yes, it is.
Модератор. Не являюсь сотрудником RitLabs (I'm not an employee of Ritlabs).
George Salnik wrote:
>> shall I report it as a bug?Yes, it is.
Thanks George. I've opened a ticket.
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