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Reverting back from v9.3
I tried to reinstall my previous version but it seems not to have replaced

How do I revert to a previous version, these new themes really are awful.
Well, you could uninstall and download a prior version and then install it. As for the themes, you don't need to use them, but can stay with the default. Or you could customize to your liking.
When I started 9.3 for the first time I got no option to have no themes just Classic or chocolate.

Classic is nothing like the previous layout.
There is also the Automatic option which looks to me like prior versions. See Options>Theme for a list of the themes available.
Automatic (at least in my install) looked NOTHING like the older versions at all. Different fonts and sizes, it added colors and changed the split view layout.  I had a bunch of themes but they were grossly horrible looking.  Maybe younger eyes can deal with tiny colored fonts, but when one gets  past 70 - black n white with the stable single font is what i want and need.
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