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How to save window position

I'm considering moving from Postbox to The Bat, because of bad Postbox performance and filtering methods.

I'm just testing and what drives me insane is that the position of the new mail window is not saved. I've a very large monitor and need the new mail window on the right side of my desktop.

How to save the window position?


Nevermind, found it in view menu.

One suggestion:

On account creation trim trailing spaces of usernames, every other email software does that. I was copying the username from another program and by accident copied a space on the end and got auth error later. Thunderbird etc just ignores trailing spaces.
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Welcome Thomas.

This is a user-to-user forum. If you want your suggestion to be seen by Ritlabs, please contact them using Support in the menu above.

However, in this case I would recommend that you first verify if spaces are actually illegal in user names (by checking the relevant standards of the Internet Engineering Task Force). Also, please make clear if you mean the user name that is used to log into a mail server, or the 'from name' (display name) used in e-mail headers, or the username part of e-mail addresses (the part before the @).

Since this thread doesn't seem to really have a purpose anymore, I suggest that we remove it. Would that be OK with you?
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
I thought it's the company forum, as it's on the ritlabs domain.

You can delete it, I'll contact them by email.
>> How to save the window position?
I do use many years and not only for TheBat this program for such tasks -


Configure Each Window Individually
Configure your OS as you wish. With Actual Window Manager, you can set many parameters for each window individually.

Set startup mode and position

Set window priority.

Ignore deactivation

And much more...
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Can this program restore the columns in TheBat?
I have been using DesktopFusion for years to restore windows on 2 monitors.

I opened a ticket again due to missing functions. Underneath it again the Lock window.
>> Can this program restore the columns in TheBat?
What do you mean? Are you check F1 about "view modes"? Are you have checkbox "ignore changes" enabled?

See an image -
Модератор. Не являюсь сотрудником RitLabs (I'm not an employee of Ritlabs).
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