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Display problem after restore from taskbar
Started using The Bat today. When I start the program everything is fine. But once minimized and restored it looks like this:


After clicking on a message everything goes fine again!
Edited: Thomas Reimann - 27 November 2020 05:19:21
Your screenshot not say to me anyting.
Модератор. Не являюсь сотрудником RitLabs (I'm not an employee of Ritlabs).
Yes, I'm having a similar issue and it is only since the introduction of themes but I can't explain why. Like you, when I click on a message the screen restores back to normal. I have a 4K monitor and I did wonder if that had anything to do with it. I'm still experimenting.
Got answer from support. It's a known bug if you are using any theme. To prevent it switch back to classic view.
George Salnik wrote:
Your screenshot not say to me anyting.
Look at the large empty space between mail list and toolbar. It should not be there.
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