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Active/Inactive TB window title bar colors don't change with Choco Dark
When I use TB's Classic theme the color of the TB title bar changes as it should when the window changes between active and inactive.  However, when I switch to TB's Choco Dark theme the title bar is a constant black regardless of whether the TB window is active or inactive.  Because I use a solid black desktop this makes it difficult to find the TB title bar when I want to drag the window around.  Since TB Choco Dark seems to be ignoring the Win10 title bar settings, is there a setting in TB itself to control the title bar color?  Should this be reported as a bug?
Titlle bar is not so small!

Active title bar have little blue stroke:

Therefore, yes, you can ask support about doing active titlebar with some other color.

IMHO, title bar is a weird thing. All new soft is killing this rule. I do like Adobe style of interface - - menu directly on the title bar place.
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