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Freeze when closing application, The Bat! freeze when trying to close down

Since a couple versions ago and also confirmed in the latest version of The Bat! Pro 64 bit, my program cannot quit without freezing.

Sometimes I have to go to Stop task in task manager - sometimes it closes after 3 mins freeze.

I have tried to close the program from files menu and the red cross in the top right corner - same behaviour.

Im only running 1 IMAP account.

Please help.
I can't offer a solution I'm afraid, but maybe you'll find some suggestions through this earlier thread:

edited to add: Oh and if you are using any plug-ins (antispam/antivirus), see if it helps if you disable them.
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Try to compact all your folders, one by one.

Or if you have many folders you can do compact all folders through maintenance center ( )
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It seems it worked cleaning up some folders and deleting some RSS feeds. Weird.
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